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Slow prototype transitions on Mac

Hello, I and a client are experiencing a weird issue where the transition (dissolve with 300ms speed) between screens is very slow and laggy.

For testing purposes, I’ve tried it on Windows and Mac machines. On Windows the prototype is perfect but on my mac laptop (and my clients) a lag is very noticeable, this is extra noticeable between certain screens where on Windows there is no difference.

I’ve tried copying a few of my screens into a new file to test whether it could be that I have too many layers or something in the file. It was slightly better but still not smooth. I also tried viewing in both the Desktop App and browsers (on Mac both with Safari and Chrome) with very similar results).

Is there anything, in particular, that could be causing an issue?

Additional Info:
Mac specs: 2019 13inch Macbook Pro, 2.4 GHz Quad Core i5 with 16GB of RAM (Iris 655 graphics)
Win specs: Asus 17inch GS702VL, i7-7700 2.8 GHz with 16GB of RAM (GTX 1070M Graphics)

To be extra thorough, I asked other people with older Windows machines (even one nearly 7 years old) to try it too, and in those cases, opening some screens for the first time was a bit laggy but smooth every other time. Unfortunately, I do not have access to other Mac machines.

PS: We’re not signed into the Interactive Components Beta

Have the same problem. Try playing it on an external monitor. When I do it, it runs smoothly.

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Surprisingly this helps, thanks! Such a weird issue.