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How to share select pages from Figma file with client?

My team is looking to use Figma to capture client feedback instead of manually exporting files to upload into InVision. Our issue is that we would like to only share certain pages within a project with the client, so they can only review finished screens and not see work in progress.

Our only solution to do this would be to duplicate the project with just the pages for client and share this instead of the working project, but this creates a double up and more effort translating feedback back to the working project.

Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated :smile:

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Sadly, I don’t have any answers just more criticisms. Figma is awesome in general, but still fails when it comes to sharing comps with clients. I have varied sized artboards – mobile and desktop.

The share link:
The share link sends the client to the entire project, and they have no idea how to navigate around Figma because they don’t use it everyday. It’s awful for client presentation.

The prototype or the presentation link:
This view is too unintuitive for the client to realize there’s a vanishing pager at the bottom to click through the artboards. Also, I have variations, and there’s no setting on screen to indicate the artboard name in this view.

Sorry, but Sketch really gets things right in this department.

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