Share a single frame for review in Figma

I have a design file with multiple frames - some are more complete than others. I want to share just one frame for review with a client. I don’t want them to see the other frames in the design just yet. Is there a way to share just one frame for review?

Hi Hugo,

I have the same problem, still searching for a solution :frowning: I come from a sketch-InVision workflow, sharing single screens was perfectly easy. Will let you know if I find any helpful info on this.

@Motele I think I found a solution. If you go into prototype mode. Make the frame you want to show a flow (a flow with just one frame). Then present that flow and click the share prototype button (top right). It worked for me, let me know how you get on :+1:

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@Hugo_Evans Thanks, that is a great workaround, it is useful to present a design to a product owner. There is still the problem of sharing one frame and share this one Frame in Dev Mode for the developers. :thinking:

In Invision you have an Inspect Mode for the dev handoff. You create a link for one Frame/Artboard and share it with PO or Dev. Depending on what you need you can either just view the design (as a PO) or switch to DevMode (for Dev).

I am pretty new to Figma so maybe the all over workflow for Design-2-Dev is different.

that’s a great solution if they can’t use Figma. but if they know how to use Figma, they will open your whole file. instead, you can create a new file specifically for the frames you want to share without worrying that they will see your other frames.
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