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How to prevent icon goes back to "default" after swapping?

Few weeks ago all my buttons and icon overrides just worked fine. I don’t know why, but all of a sudden all my swapped icons swap back to the default-icon from the variants. This is a disaster for me.
I followed the steps from Bruno_Figueiredo and this work around was a eye opener. So back then I’ve adjusted ALL my components with icons with the extra layer of hierarchy to maintain a) the icon and b) the defined color for each state.

I thought with the interactive components going live, Figma might have solved this issue. So I removed this extra layer - but still. It just don’t work anymore.

I’ve reached out to figma support and also to asked about a solution in this forum here, but I wasn’t able to get an answer so far and it’s quite crucial for me. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help! Much appreciated.
I’ve made sure that everyone with a link can edit. If someone can show me a work around or any solution to my issue, that would be amazing.

And if this is a known issue as @Gleb mentioned, where can I check the status? Or even that this is a known issue.

By “this is a known issue” I meant that there were multiple people in other communities reporting similar/related issues. As a reminder, everyone who faces these bugs must reach out to Figma support.

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Thank you for the clarification. I’ve already reached out to figma support - so fingers crossed that I will get a answer to it in the near future.

The bug has been fixed! Thank you so much.

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