How to open an illustrator file?

Hi, how to open an illustrator file or image in Figma?
unfortunately, the drag option isn’t working.

Hey Mustafa,
At this time we don’t support a direct file import from AI to Figma. As a workaround, we recommend you to export assets as SVG.
One important thing to note about this is that not everything may import into Figma correctly if at all, as SVG code is handled differently between the two programs.
You can find more information in our article how to import SVG to Figma here:

Any update on this?
is there any workaround for importing illustrator files without relying on Illustrator itself to export as SVG?

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Check out this plugin, It lets you import illustrator into Figma without needing illustrator at all.


tnx @Fay_Nunez for sharing, this is awesome :+1: