Import Figma’s SVG to Adobe Illustrator

I need to import SVG with effects to Adobe Illustrator, but when I do it, illustrator don’t add drop shadow and inner shadow from file to my illustration.

Is it possible to save SVG effects to AI?

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Did you finally understood how to do it?? I am facing the same issue.


Nah, think there is no way to do it

But i find out the way how you can do the shadow without using effects.

You need to [ctrl+c ctrl+v] object u wanna drop shadow, move by coordinates. You can change opacity in figma. If you have blur on the shadow in Adobe Illustrator you can change it with Gaussian Blur.

Think it’s possible to make something to replace other effect using method like this. But i’m in really dissapoitment that in 2022 we need to do somehing like that :frowning:

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Yeah, I am also very disappointed about it 'cause you’re never gonna get the same result as you have in Figma. In my case I have multiple neumorphic style components and it is impossibile for me to export and manage them all in Illustrator replacing those effects.

But thanks for your reply, let’s hope that now that Adobe has bought Figma something’s gonna change about this kind of issues between Illustrator and Figma.