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Import/export from Adobe Illustrator to figma with clipping mask does not work

Hey guys.

Im in a bit of a headache, when it comes to import/export of Adobe Illustrator files to Figma and from Figma to Illustrator.

Have I understood it correctly, that Figma does not know how to read or deal with clipping mask?

On attached screenshots, you can see what happens, when you export illustrations made in AI and export them to .svg to be able to use in AI.

Hope you can help out solving this. Thanks a bunch and great weekend to all :slight_smile:

Yes, when this mask comes from Illustrator.

@Gleb So, what is recommended the solution for this?

Don’t use masks in Illustrator, use pathfinder and other techniques (or ignore this and add necessary masks in Figma later).

Hi Gleb.

Yeah, it seems like FIgma doesn’t understand Masks in illustrator.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: