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How accurate is the resource panel?

I’ve come to distrust the numbers I see in the Resource Panel, especially the layer counter. This morning I pushed an update from a library (I’ll call this “Library A”, accepted the changes in another file (I’ll call this “File 1”), and saw the layer count go up by about 1,000, and the file size increased by 0.05G. I wasn’t expecting this because no layers were added in the library file. After stepping away from Figma for a bit (but not having closed any files or the desktop app), I returned to see new numbers. The file size dropped back down, and so did the layer count. I didn’t record any exact numbers, but might have to start watching this more closely in the future.

The questions this brings up for me are:

  1. How do I know when I can rely on the resource panel to have accurate information on layer count and file size?
  2. Why would the layer count and file size increase when accepting changes from a library that didn’t add any more layers?
  3. Are there other ways to view this information, perhaps through a browser’s inspect tools?