Get the component created from the shortcut

Hello Figma, after creating the component it is difficult to find and remove it from the assets menu. It would be nice to get the created component from the shortcut instead. I made an example for this, please review it.

Component 9


Hello @Furkan_Ergelmis, Thank you for sharing your thoughts about shortcuts! I appreciate you for sharing your file.

If you are interested in creating your own shortcuts for accessing the created component, I recently came across a popular post about Customizable Shortcuts here: Customizable shortcuts Feel free to check it out! And if you would like, please let me know so I can merge your post with this one to connect all the similar feedback in one place.

If creating a custom shortcut isn’t what you had in mind, could you please provide our community with more details about your thoughts? We want to fully understand your perspective!

Thank you,

Hi Junko @Junko3 , Thank you for your reply. And sorry for the late conversion.

Frankly, it would be better for you to decide on this matter. You know better what is appropriate. Let me expand on the subject a little more.

If you are using Figma, you can guess more or less: when a component is created, it is difficult to find and retrieve the last component I created among the many components in the assets menu. That’s why I can get the component immediately from where I created it, through a shortcut, another button or right-click menu. It doesn’t matter how I get it, as long as I can get it easily. The gif image I uploaded is just an example. For better understanding.

If I were to summarize; It would be great to be able to easily import a created component from the assets menu without any hassle.

I would be very happy if you could move this idea to whatever topic it should be included in.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Hi @Furkan_Ergelmis! Thank you for clarifying! I would be happy to continue discussing this topic here, as it seems to be focused on component.
We truly appreciate input from our community, and thank you once again for your assistance here!

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