Flows override each other, can't add 2 of the same interaction?

Hi all, I have seen quite a few threads like this yet no clear answer. (To me at least)
Below is an image of my first flow. I am not using components because when I have tried, it freezes the flow. Maybe I am not doing it correctly?

Moving on, when I prototype this is works perfectly. The problem arises when I try and add my second flow. I need another overlay to appear in the same instance as when the user hovers. Firstly, I cannot add another “mouse enter” which it seems to me we just can’t do this function.

I would be fine working it out with the “while hover” function; however, when I add the function “while hovering: open overlay “first set of options”” and view the prototype, it just doesn’t show up at all.

I am assuming my first flow is overriding the second. Here is the link to the project.

TL;DR I need 2 overlays to come from the same frame at the same time and not override each other. What do I do?

The audio wave animation by @Chocoball

@Lucy_Herron Why have multiple overlay triggered in one action. Better have both in one overlay.
Duplicate the buttons into all the overlays. Or create component.
The way you are trying will get super complicated.
The example you provided is also doing the same thing.

I appreciate your response! I am still wondering about what to do when I need a click to trigger and overlay and a navigation.

Again, thank you for your help! I just started learning

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