Figma removed `window.figma` on view-only pages today

Well that’s definitely a disappointing update. As we all know, an estimated time of several months for such a fix means that it is marked as low priority and will keep being postponed, which essentially is no different from not planning to solve it at all.

I think we’ll have to start exploring other alternative design tools like Pixso which offers free dev mode for hand-off scenarios.


Please carefully consider this change from the perspective of user security expectations.

Solid security and user trust are more important than other things.

Please don’t undermine the security expectations of ordinary users for the sake of a few technical hackers.

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Last year, Figma told us there were no worries, saying that the collaborative experience wouldn’t degrade, the Dev Mode was just one more thing. But now the problem we face is that we’ve been hijacked, and the ransom needs to be paid by the frontend engineers. Figma has ruined its reputation, taking its most loyal designer users to be buried together.


I’m very disappointed with this. Figma is no longer that engineer- and designer-friendly product.


We are disappointed with this decision as the collaborative experience advantage of Figma has gradually declined. The development engineers are very dissatisfied with this, and under pressure, we have no choice but to choose other tools for delivery.


The Figma is so disappointing!!!!

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