Figma just deleted my design. I am never going to use this again

I painstakingly tried to create an Android app first in Figma then dev it… It was a pain learning this… Then Figma deleted this design.
I am NEver going to buy this shit…

Hi there! Sorry to hear this is happening.
I checked in our backend that you have filled out a ticket to the support team. I have escalated internally, they will reply you asap. For your reference, your ticket number is #850528.

In the meantime, I would recommend you a workaround that may allow you to restore your file.
If your files was deleted, but not permanently (this would require manually click “delete forever” or if you delete the team or project that the file was in), you might be able to restore the file by opening your Drafts then opening the Deleted tab.

If you find it, right click on the file and click Restore. The file will then be restored to the project it originally resided in.

To see all available files that can be restored, please make sure that you also set the “Created by” filter to “anyone” rather than “you.” You, and anyone else who had access to edit that file should be able to find it and restore it this way.

You can also check our guide from the Help Center with more information about deleting and restoring files here: Hope this helps!

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