Figma desktop app keeps launching chrome tabs

This bug has appeared again: Figma keep open new tab in browser - #18 by Melissa_Ridgley

Losing my whole mind. Please fix this irritating issue. Can’t open anything in the desktop app without it triggering a million new chrome tabs.

Hey @Dan15,

This is the first report we’ve seen of this bug returning. Please submit a bug report to our support team directly via the form here:

Figured it out.

It’s a bug:

  • if you have multiple accounts (I do, I am a freelancer with multiple clients: lots of designers (ie your key users) do),
  • and one of the accounts have been signed out for whatever reason
  • but the figma desktop app still has one of the files for that signed out account open,

= then no matter from which account you use to open a prototype, it will launch the thing in browser.

Signed back into that account, issue resolved.

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