Figjam needs to underline in red misspelled words while actively writing text in an element to at least to help identify errors even though spelling suggestions wont be offered. Then disappear when clicking out of element

This is very standard for most software these days. For some of our developers. English is a second language, and it is easy to misspell words. I understand there are plugins for spelling errors and this request is not geared toward offering correct spelling suggestions but only have a small identifier be visible if there is an error. Once the user is no longer in the element, it should not underline the misspelled word.

Hey @Jason_M_Brown thanks for sharing this feedback! We agree that having some sort of spellcheck would be a nice addition to both Figma and FigJam, and it’s something our team is exploring.

There’s an existing thread about this here:

Feel free to add your vote and comment there.

Thanks :slight_smile: