Figjam completely grey!

The FigJam is completely gray and I can’t see anything.
This way I won’t be able to work on my FigJam

Hi there - thanks for flagging this!
Hmm… I can’t replicate on my end. Is that only happening on this specific file, and on the desktop app and/or on browser as well?

Please try to refresh FigJam, and zoom in to see if this helps? If not, please reach out directly to the support and recall the different steps you have done here: Thank you!

I have the same problem! Any file I open look like this, even in FigJam. If you find a workaround, please share!

Hi @Valeria_Perez1 ! Sorry for the trouble. Can you also please reach out to our support team here?:
Please include a quick screen recording video, and also add as an Editor to the file shown in the video (this won’t affect your billing at all) and send through a link so our team can take a closer look? It’ll help us to investigate. Thank you!