Created frames 1440x2560 and now I can't present them

I’ve enlarged standard frame sizes (Frame->Phone->Android Large) cause pics of paper wireframes I uploaded were big.
Now in Presenting a prototype I have small phone screen that u need to scroll in a window of 360x800 to see the whole wireframe of 1440x2560.

Is there any easy way to fix this? Like scaling down all the components that are in 1440x2560 frames to some resolution that fits the standard figma frames?

I tried that before and it didnt help :frowning:

“K” key does this!

Found it here about rescaling:

You mark your whole Frame (or many frames) with a mouse, then press and hold “K” key and then resize frames - it resises all elements inside the frame scaling them.
I scaled them to 360x640 (which is “in line” with the Android Large Frame from Figma standards [360x800]) and it worked like a charm. Now in Presenting I see the whole screen as intended.

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