Create Button 'Master' Component

Hi, Figma newbie here :slight_smile: :wave:

So I’d like to ask about creating button as a master component, but still having some flexibility in terms of changing the call to action text.

At first I have this very generic button that I will use across all the pages:

  1. Default state: ‘BUTTON’ text on a black button
  2. Hover state: ‘BUTTON’ text on a grey button
    – I managed to set this as a master component, and also apply the color change effect upon hovering.

Then, I’d like to use that button in other page (creating an instance), and by that means I need to adjust the call to action text accordingly.

  1. Default state: ‘SUBSCRIBE’ text on a black button (as per the master state; only the text change)
  2. Hover state - this is where I got stuck: the color change to grey upon hovering, but the text remains the same (‘BUTTON’). How to make the text change (to SUBSCRIBE) on this instance element?


Sounds like you need interactive components:

It works!!! Thanks Gleb!

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