Change to Interaction won't work sometimes

I have a component’s variants that sometimes (can’t figure it out when) whose interaction won’t be set to change to a different parent variant, check the video you can see that I have the options in the list but just one will be accepted, I also noticed that many of the interactions I did get, are now gone and says “none” where it used say what was changing to.

I attach file below you can see it worked in slide 1 but it wont in slide 2. I’m using figma in chrome and arc in windows and mac.

Hi, I recognize this problem. I don’t know if Figma want to fix this issue. But I changed my method. Instead of applied a “Change to” in my prototype, I applied a “Navigate to” an other frame with the instance what I want. You can apply an After Delay 1ms. It’s work.

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