Community Embed Cards are pretty average

I’m looking at organising and sharing community resource links with my team in a FigJam file as embeds.


  1. Currently, pasting a community link into a FigJam file creates a card with a link to the page, but the content and formatting in the card doesn’t give enough context when sharing Community links.

  2. You also to navigate to the community page itself to be able to like, install or duplicate the resource.

Here’s the current embed link for the Unsplash plugin in FigJam:

And how it appears in this forum:

Current Content

  • Page Title
  • Page Type - Page Description
  • Favicon - URL

How I’d fix the issue.

  1. These embed cards should have a unique design for links from the community vs other links to allow the display of more information.

  2. For Plugins, the card should display the relevant information from the Plugin page:

  • Thumbnail/cover image from the Community Page
  • Title
  • Author
  • Description
  • Like Button
  • Install Button
  1. For files, Display the relevant information from the File page:
  • Embedded preview of the file.
  • Title
  • Author
  • Description
  • Like Button
  • Duplicate Button
  • Duplicate Here Button?

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