Clicking a button unchecks another button

Hello all, I’m trying to make two buttons, when one is clicked the other unselects and vice versa. Is it possible to make this interconnectedness among variants?

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Not as far as im aware.
You can create a component with 2 varians containing the 2 buttons in both states.
Very similar to the radio buttons group instructions:

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Thank you so much, Yoav! This is what I was looking for!

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im also looking for a simmilar thing: i have a use case, where im doing a filter, lets say by color, so when i click a button inside a component, i want another component living in the same frame to change to a different state.

almost like if a component can “listen” to what’s happening on other components and change its state based on what this other component “said”

i dont think im the only one looking for a plugin or something like that just to avoid having even more frames and states…

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