Clearer billing for freelance designers

I’m working as a freelance designer and have a paid pro account. So I have a space with a bunch of files I work on.
My buddy has the same situation. Occasionally, we work on a project together so both need edit access for the same file.
It seems like there’s no proper way to do that, even though it absolutely should be easy to do. We can’t be just sharing a team account since we’re working on confidential projects the other should not have access to. Now if one of us hosts the file and the other should have edit rights, the host will have to pay double the editor cost (2x 15$) while the other continues to pay their license. This sucks!
I have now more than once been surprised by a 60$ bill for sharing a file with my friend and inviting two PMs from another project to another file only for them to edit a typo or something, but never really do design work. Again, this sucks!


Totally agree. This is double dipping into a normal work relationship. Sharing files for collaborative work IS how freelancers work. If a freelancer or agency pays once, they should have the ability to work on whatever shared file (from another paid account) the collaborate with. How is this even an issue Figma? This is 101 business methodology for freelancers. We are not asking to give us anything for free. We are paying you for your service, now please serve us and give us access to the files we need to make a living.