Share files across organisations

Hi all,

I’m working as a freelancer for a company. I’m working with my own license from my own company.

Recently there is a second ux designer in the company. She is working as an intern. She now has an paid account from the company. (Different organisation than mine).

However If I want to share my files with her, I need to add her as a editor to my team. This will increase my fee however she is already paying for an account. From the moment I remove her under my plan. She is not able anymore to edit the files and we get the message: “This person has a restricted account. They will be able to edit files when their account is upgraded.” But she has upgraded her account to the “Figma Professional” plan?

Anyone has an idea what this can be?

Thanks for the help!

Hi liesbeth!
I checked on our back-end, and I am glad to see that our support team has solved your inquiry!
For visibility for the community who may also have this question, this is intended behaviour. Currently, teams are charged per member per team regardless of the member’s own subscription.

In this case, the team member has a “Viewer-restricted” role on the team. If you’d like to collaborate with this member, you’d need to give this user edit access. You can adjust their role to “Editor” from the Members tab of your team page. For more information on how to manage team permissions, please read our help center article here:
(Reminder: any member added to your team with edit permissions on the team/a file will be counted on your subscriptions billing.)