Can't turn a component set to a single component

Hi! I’m making an update to a component within the design system of my company.

The component is a simple tab with 4 variants and it has to become a single component with no variants, because it has to be a tab-group with nested tab-atom component inside.

Basically I want to design an atom component with variants (.tab) to put in the tab-group new component, because I don’t need the single tab anymore.

To optimize the process, I tried not to create a new component named tab-group, instead I wanted to create the new atom component and update the actual tab component.

Once I deleted the variants of the tab component, and only one is left (the one that has to become the tab group) The component is yet a set with 1 variant.

Is there one way to solve this??

Hey Gianluca, thank you for reaching out! Not sure if this is the best solution but you could detach the component? Also, you can read more in our Help Center article about Creating and using variants:

Hi there! Thanks for the support, of course I could detach the component but is not my objective.

The component who needs to be updated is used within our product, if I detach the main component then I have to create a new one, with the obvious result that the product will have ghost components inside (I’d like to avoid this).

Given the component is largely used, I’d update it in a non disruptive way but seems to be impossible.

I red the article (thanks for sharing) but is not mentioned a to-do for “downgrade” a component set with variants to a single component.

Why the set maintains the variant property if there are no variants inside?? Sounds tricky to me.

If needed, this is the link of the file in which the component is placed. Thanks for any further support!



It worked! At the end it was a super simple solution :rofl:

Thank you buddy!