Cannot scroll all the way up

Vertical scrolling doesn’t work on pc and cannot scroll all the way up on the app

Menu 1 and Menu 2 screens are the only ones that looks like they should scroll, and they do on my end.

What exactly are supposed to scroll but doesn’t?

Thank you for taking the time to look. I cannot scroll all the way up on menu 1 on the figma app.

Where does it stop scrolling?

As you just joined you won’t be able to upload screenshots, but could you upload elsewhere and share a link?
You won’t be able to share actual links either, but to circumvent that just put a space between the dots or something.

On the figma app when I try to scroll up, it goes up just a little bit and comes down by itself so I cannot scroll all the way up the menu

So effectively scrolling up ends up making it scrolling down?

Can you try on a different device and see if the problem still persists?

Unfortunately I don’t have any other devices. And it doesn’t even go all the way up in figma app on my phone.

If you could record it as a video/gif that would be helpful. But I don’t know what to suggest, as I can’t rule out that it’s not a device issue.

You could try and file a bug report. In that case a video/gif would help just as well.

Yeah… I cannot attach a video file of it