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Cant scroll till the top of the screen

  1. I can’t scroll till the top of the page since yesterday

  2. Copy and pasting the same pages on another file it works well

  3. Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this? Would be good to be able to save that file because have shared the link

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Hi @Luis_Landi. Can you share the details?
At the moment it is not entirely clear what you mean. Can you show it in a screenshot or video?

Maybe we can have a call since there are clients sensible information.
Basically the page is not scrolling correctly, I can’t reach the upper part of the screen since the zoom is going in the direction of the centre.

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Sorry, I still don’t understand what problem you are facing, so I can only advise you to contact support: Submit a request – Figma

I’m experiencing a similar bug but the other way around – I can’t scroll DOWN past a certain point in a large Figma page, unless I zoom out so far that the frames and everything else on the page are tiny and not legible.

At 100% zoom level (or anywhere near there), the scrolling behavior hits a hard stop at a certain point, a point that ends right in the middle of a frame. And there are many frames still below that breakpoint that I can’t scroll down to.

When I zoom out really far (so that i can still see all the frames/including those below this new mysterious breakpoint), i can select a frame or other bit of content below the breakpoint, but if I try Shift-2 to zoom down to that selected item, it doesn’t work as expected - the selected item isn’t brought into view, instead it zooms me in to 100% on the content just above the new mystery-breakpoint.

This is indeed a bug. I’ve been using Figma for years and this is a new bug. I can’t publicly post my content here (private client info, etc.) but that is what’s happening. Please fix ASAP as this is blocking work.


Hi @Sean_Savage. Does your frame extend beyond the canvas?

@tank666 Great! It looks like it does go a little below +65,000. Looks like the end point is a little below that. Yet almost none of the negative vertical space (space above 0) was used and i had lots of space left above. So I highlighted all my frames, moved them up a bit and now it’s behaving normally again. @Luis_Landi This may be the same problem you’re having – moving all your content down may fix it… try turning rulers on, looking at the Y axis and making sure all your content falls between the -65,000 mark and the +65,000 mark.

@tank666 Thanks for pointing that out… But note: Odd that: Frames/content existed below the current “end” line for many months and only recently (today, as far as I’ve seen) became inaccessible…

@tank666 Thanks for pointing it out but Figma should make that “end of canvas” border visible, and preferably it should prevent you from putting content there to begin with. And if somehow something is able to get there, error messaging explaining what’s going on (“warning: some of your content extends beyond the canvas area”) would help a lot.

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Yes I moved my content a lower and now the zoom is start to work correctly again. Thank you very much for the help

We have the same issue, we’re unable to scroll to the edge of our boards. We’ve created new boards and done updates but still no luck. This is happening with multiple people in our organisation.

Please help

I have the same issue, but with left and right scrolling. I have a big user journey with many dozens of frames, which extends from about -60000px to about +60000px.

If I zoom all the way out, I can see all the frames, but when I zoom in to the extreme left, or extreme right frames, my horizontal scrolling gets locked.

Pasting all the frames into a new page does not help.

It seems like the canvas is really bound to a 140000px square, rather than the 220000px square that the rulers indicate. Very frustrating.

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so whats the solution?

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The solution is to place your design elements on the canvas without going beyond its limits. Just make sure your items are between -65,000 and +65,000 on each axis.

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