Better way to handle tabs?

Before the recent update I could at least see the first letters of the project title in the tabs. Now this is what it looks like:

We really need a better way to handle many tabs. At least to identify them by seeing the first letter of the project. These purple and blue icons aren’t providing much helpful info.

I just wanted to open a new topic on this as I saw your post :smiley:

Because, I got the same issue:

I tried to work around it by adding emojis in front of file names before the recent update and, apparently, they seem to replace the Figma file icons. But those tabs are open since pre-recent-update-times. So they could be “old” and not follow the new scheme of the file icon. Maybe someone from the Figma team could clarify this, please?

But still, the bottom line is bad UX for many open tabs. Most recently the X buttons for closing tabs even began to overlap the tab separators which is an unfortunate bug.

Earlier I got the idea to have a similar interaction like in the MacOS dock with magnification enabled. So, when the cursor hovers over a tab it will be expanded to full width and gradually from that tab you also see the neighboring tabs expanded (but not as much). This would be better IMO than the current tooltip that is showing up after a bit of time.

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