New tab bar is frustrating when you have multiple files open

I typically have many (many) Figma files open at the same time, and was able to rely on the first few characters to distinguish between files. However, with the new update, all I see are (the same) favicons! :frowning:

I appreciate the UI differentiation for design files and Figjam files, but is there a way to strike a balance between that and what we had previously?


Some problem! Assuming that’s for the new ‘Pin tab’ feature… but it’s accidentally annoying…

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Absolutely true. I think it’s a very controversial UI decision.

— Icons (with gaps) occupy crucial space intended for file title. Each favicon with gap take up 27 pixels, 27x15=405 pixels for 15 open tabs. For an average letter size 7 px, 27/7=3.8 letters are lost for each filename. Humankind moved from rock-painting to writing 3,000 years ago, why move back? ))

— Or is it assumed I should create unique favicon for every file? Can’t imagine how I can do it when I have about 10-15 files for one client project.

— This pattern (favicon + 3-4 letter of file name + “…” + close cross icon) repeated 15 times creates only frustrating visual noise. It makes every act of focusing on desired tab really painful.

I think at least we should have a setting to hide favicons.

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Agreed, I really don’t care for icons telling me whether something is a figjam or figma file, I have file names to differentiate. Could’ve colored tabs slightly different or added a border on a side or something much more subtle instead…

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Yup…I used to use the first few letters of my file names to find the files I needed to switch between and now… honestly, to say someone would care about the file type MORE than the file name is shocking to me


This is worse than annoying, it has made usable tabs less usable by a fair bit when seemingly plenty of other options to differentiate tabs is possible. I get it’s more browser-like, but the tabs themselves could be updated to better distinguish them rather than taking more space from the names.

imo, pinning tabs is even worse, because it drops the name entirely and just pins the icons. major facepalm here. i don’t want to count up my pinned tabs to see which one i’m clicking on when displaying the name was far more helpful even if it was only a few char.

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