File icons in tabs on beta

Reposting since this has shown up once again.

On the Figma beta and after updating there are now file icons in the tabs and it’s causing a bunch of unneeded noise and is making it harder to glance at open files.

Not asking for this to be removed but please give us an option to turn it off within the app, how we work is we like to use emoji/system icons within file names for differing statuses and other things and it’s making it very cluttered with the bright blue icon. Please give an option to turn this off.


not happy to see this insanity back.

Yes I have a lot of tabs open, but normally every single one is decipherable. That’s no longer the case…

Yeah, I’m very unhappy to see this return as I have a bunch of tabs open too and use the emojis to help organize things… hope they revert or offer an option to hide it.

This is a HUGE problem. I don’t know what the reasoning by Figma is for adding an icon to tabs. What would be a solution is to create Groups of tabs, like what Chrome allows.

Please Figma remove these icons from tab view, it’s a cluttered mess

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+1 here, please allow users to turn those icons off at least. Our team jumps between alot of files all open at same time @Figma_Support @Noah_Levin

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This is so bad! Did they test this with users at all? I cant see the names of any of my open files, now!

Please, add option to hide tab icons. I’m getting insane while seeing them.

I beg you for an option to hide the tab icons. Tabs were perfect before.

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