Back interaction does no longer remember the path

Hi, I started to use the Back action. Great to have less arrows on the screen and to re-use some screens.

Since this morning I have some Back actions that do not work as well as they used to.

They work well to go back to the previous screen when there is a single level of navigation (Screen 2 → Screen 1).

Some work when I have multiple levels of navigation (Screen 3 → Screen 2 → Screen 1)
Unfortunately, I now have some Back actions that do not work in the case of multiple levels. I always have Screen 3 → Screen 2 → Screen 3… (impossible to go back to Screen 1)

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out! I’ve tested with my simple case, it looks working fine as attached:

. If I missunderstand, please point out.

Would you be able to share the screen recordings or file link where you’re experiencing the behavior?