Multiple steps for back interaction

The idea

The back interaction brings you back to the previous frame, but sometimes you want to step back multiple frames. I suggest adding a number to the back action.

Problems with workarounds

If you have access to advanced prototyping features, you can stack multiple back actions in the interaction, but it will use the same animation from the navigation interaction that got you there in the first place. If you stack five back actions, it will play five animations, which looks horrendous.

You may also ask, why don’t you just navigate back to your desired frame? Because it breaks the navigation history. Say you have frames 1 through 5. You want to use the back button on frame 5 to go back to frame 2, but frame 2 also has a back button, which then will lead you back to frame 5 again, when it should take you to frame 1 where the prototype originated from.

Alternative solutions

  1. Add a toggle to the navigate action that clears history. Say you’re using a navigate action to go back to frame 2 from frame 5. With the toggle enabled, all history until the last time frame 2 was visited is cleared. If the history was 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 2 after pressing the back button, it will be reduced to 1 > 2.

  2. Select a destination frame in the back action, that simulates the back behavior, but also clears history like above.

  3. Select animation type for the back action, so that you can stack multiple back actions, but make them instant, avoiding repeated animations.

  4. Make stacked back actions work automagically, by detecting when there are multiple back actions and only playing one animation transitioning to the end of the stack.