Autolayout interaction doesn't work other than in the component

I have created an accordion using autolayout (align top left, vertical layout). As you might imagine, when you click a down chevron, an expanded variant appears pushing the other rows down.

Except that it doesn’t on any instance other than the component itself. Any instance created and autolayout doesn’t work. Even when I duplicate the whole page autolayout doesn’t expand correctly.

What am I missing. I’ve spent hours on this and its frustrating making it work initially only to find any instance fails.

Hi, Steve.

Is it possible for you to share a copy of the file or element.



The top version is the component, the version underneath is an instance

Hi, Steve.

Hmmm. I can see the problem you are talking about: the main component is okay, but the instance is not. Will you be able to share a copy of the file so I can check more about the problem with the component?

Thank you.

I’m not able to upload attachments. I’m at the Trust level but still considered a new user

Hi, Steve.

Is it possible for you to duplicate the file of it and share it with me? For this one, I wont be able to help you without looking through the layers. :sweat_smile:

Thank you