My instances didnt work properly when autolayout was applied

Hi there!

I’ve been encountering some issues while working with instances and autolayout. Usually when I changed elements within components, all instances across design were updated instantly. But recently, when I applied autolayout to some instances, they were becoming “static” elements.

When autolayout was removed (the frame was still there), it still didn’t work. But when I ungrouped it (the frame was removed) , all instances were updated instantly. It’s so frustrating. :cry:

I wanted to attach video or link to my problem so that you guys can understand it better, but it seems that Figma prohibited me to do that (because they said that I’m a new user) :worried: :sweat:

Can anybody help me please. Thank you!

I’ve got the same problem, already reported

I’m also experiencing this issue. I have to delete or re-add certain instances or go to ‘edit > select all with the same instance’ and reset overrides and it will update. Some instances still don’t update when modifying the master even after resetting overrides. Super annoying bug and made me constantly question whether or not I was doing something wrong but I’m fairly certain that I’m not.

I found out how to fix it until it will properly works by itself — select an instance, reset all overrides and then undo it (ctrl + z).

It’s something.

It was still problem on instances with no overrides :cry:

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