Auto layout directions, Rows and Columns

In the auto layout, As of now, there are only two directions as “Vertical direction” and “Horizontal direction”.

What about the other directions like the snake direction horizontal and vertical?. The snake directions are also great to have in this auto layout.

I can still do it by creating rows, I can keep maximum items in the first row and the rest will be in another row. Likewise, we can do this without snake direction options. But having a snake direction makes it easy when we wanted to adjust columns and gutter spaces between columns and rows in a single container.

Look at the below example and screenshot:

In the first row, 5 deals, and in the second row, again 5 deals likewise I can create a number of rows and distribute them into rows.

Problems are:

  1. If I wanted to keep four deals in the first and second row then I have to do it manually.
  2. When I need to adjust the space between columns and rows then I have to do it manually.

I suggest that having the snake directions are very useful.


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