Apple pencil "Scribble" feature doesn't work in figjam in ipad app

It’s amazing being able to use the apple pencil to sketch in FigJam on the ipad! But the text input doesn’t appear to support the scribble feature for the apple pencil.

“Scribble” lets you write text into any text input with the apple pencil and have it convert handwriting to text. It works well in most applications I’ve tried, however not in FigJam.

The worth of the feature is that you don’t have to switch from pencil input to typing just to enter a few words of text.

This works in the UI, but not the canvas, btw.


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For reference, Miro’s interaction feels way more natural switching between drag and scribble.

Just when I thought about the novel idea of using the iPad to do note-taking on Figjam, Figma app works (I mean man, the advertising sells it so well). But nooo… the app could barely recognize the input of my Apple pencil. The app is still a long way to go to catch up with competitors like Miro on iPad. Looks like the novelty of note-taking on iPad with Figjam is going to take a while.

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