Apple Pencil Recognition for Drawing Mode

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While using an Apple Pencil the screen also registers hand touches in drawing mode, that’s extremely annoying. Nearly all the time I lift my hand up and there are “drawings” made by my hand even though I clearly want to use a pencil only.

There are some whiteboard solutions that allow either automatic or manual selection of drawing method - pencil or hand. I hope to see it as FigJam feature.



Yes, when an iPad version of Figjam was released and announced I was very surprised to see this wasn’t the behaviour.

It kind of takes away the point of being able to use a pencil if your hand is going to leave marks behind. I hope Figma follows the Procreate and Apple Notes approach and lets us select input to Apple Pencil.

I was satisfied that I dont´t need to use Notes or other apps on my iPad anymore and have everything in Figma. Its very satisfying to go back to desktop app and have all the meeting notes in the same app! But this issue stopped me :confused:

This is probably my biggest issue with drawing in FigJam, I am constantly having to erase little dots and marks that I’m accidentally drawing with my palm.

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Agreed, came here hoping for a solution. Add my vote for palm detection.

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