Affinity sig elements displacing

I searched and only found a similar post about this issue from last year that was not responded to.

I am creating SVGs in Affinity2 and find that if I create a mask layer, use gradient or layer transparency or any effect, even a fancy vector brush the layer in question gets displaced in the frame to the top left when I upload it to the Figma board. Does anyone have any experience with this and a solution?

Hi @Daniel_Sheldon,

Would you be able to share the SVG? My first thought is that the code of the SVG might have some values which are note well processed by Figma during import.
Also have you try to change the export settings in Affinity to see if it changes anything?

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Hey Harold, thanks for a response! Any settings you might think of in particular that I could look at? Im not very technical, I did try changing a few settings that in my limited capacity I thought may have some bearing on the issue but to no avail… I’m using the standard settings and it happened with both affinity and affinty2. All elements are fine except those with effects. The other thing that may shed some light is the fact that when I upload to Figma It seems to separate the outlines from the fills and expand everything. So an outline stroke becomes expanded - which also negatively affects the file complexity…does that explain anything?

As Gleb said in that earlier post, you can verify if the set viewbox option is checked in the SVG export settings of Affinity. It is also possible that Affinity masks won’t work in Figma too

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Thanks Haroll. Tried the set view box options and they don’t work. I have contacted Figma support.