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Importing svgs with masks broken

When importing the svg document at the bottom of the page(taken from <mask> - SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics | MDN), the resulting figma document does not preserve the masked elements.
imported into figma
rendered in webpage

Is there something I can do to get around this? Maybe a different method of importing the masks?

<!-- Everything under a black pixel will be invisible -->
<path d="M10,35 A20,20,0,0,1,50,35 A20,20,0,0,1,90,35 Q90,65,50,95 Q10,65,10,35 Z" fill="black" />

This is a known limitation, there are no workarounds as far as I know.

thanks @Gleb I really appreciate the response

Still no solution for this? We use a lot of illustrations built in illustrator with transparency masked layers and this is becoming an issue, since all masked layers are unmasked when placed in Figma… pretty uncool, Figma…

HI there Figma! Any updates on this? Building a library of broken illustrations atm… :frowning: