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Copy and paste SVG from Affinity Designer

I’m thinking about to switch from Illustrator to Affinity Designer. One of the first things that I tried was copy and paste vector from Aff. Designer to Figma (copy-paste from Illustrator works fine).

SVG is pasted into Figma project, however the size of the object is always set to 1px * 1px. So, in lot of cases, it deforms pasted object.

The difference between SVG copied from Illustrator and Designer is that SVG from Illustrator has defined width and height on SVG element:
<svg width=“100px” height=“100px” …

and copied SVG from Affinity Designer looks like this:
<svg width=“100%” height=“100%” …

Any ideas how to solve this problem? I don’t want to save each SVG from Affinity before importing to Figma :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

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Hello, I don’t think there’s a trick to it. I recommend reaching out to the support team (via email or the in-app widget) and or create a Product ideas topic to describe your need.

@uixmate I think this is actually an Affinity Designer issue. There are different ways to write certain things in SVG and not all programs support all the different ways. From my understanding AD would need to change how they export their SVGs for Figma to import them properly.