Adobe XD to Figma, How can I open my .xd files in figma?

I need to import .xd files in Figma.

Since Adobe has purchased Figma I think they should have supported importing Adobe XD files in Figma. I have old work saved as .xd which I am trying to import to Figma. I don’t have Adobe license so I cannot convert it from Adobe XD. I only have Figma installed.

Please guide how can I open my previous work in Figma?

I don’t know of any plugins that automagically convert from XD to Figma; you’ll have to recreate the XD prototypes in Figma manually. I had to do the same thing about two years ago when moving a design system from XD to Figma. Honestly, Figma’s capabilities are so beyond XD’s that I think starting from scratch was actually easier.

Also, Adobe’s purchase of Figma hasn’t completed yet so they’re still separate companies for now.