About migration files from XD to Figma

I’m trying to migrate from XD to Figma. I do have a XD license right now, but I am planning to shift to Figma. Is there any plugin / software that will help converting XD files to Figma.

Hi @Aishwarya_Pampapathi, Thanks for reaching out. You’re more than welcome to join our community! I understand that having a handy plugin for your situation could be beneficial.

I explore our community and came across this plugin that might interest you:

If you have any questions about a plugin from the community, you can directly contact the plugin’s owner. You can share feedback in the comments section on the plugin page or send them a message using the support email provided on the right side of the page.

Additionally, I found an discussion thread on a similar topic here: XD to Figma
Feel free to explore this conversation or join in!

I hope this information proves helpful! If anyone in our community has suggestions or input, please feel free to jump in.

Again, welcome to Figma!


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