Adobe fonts in Figma not appearing

I have encounter this problem multiple times, it usually resolves when I uninstalled Figma from my mac and then installed again. This time I have done that 3 times and the most recent adobe fonts that I have activated do not appear in the fonts search bar from Figma.
Neither Figma app or in the browser show the new fonts.

@Fernanda5 Do you have the Figma font service installed? You mentioned you’ve uninstalled / reinstalled your Figma app, so wondering if the font manager was reinstalled as well.

Hi, yes I have it installed…

Thanks! Sorry for the delay in reply – can you confirm the fonts you have are validated?

If you’re not sure, this page may help: Install and validate fonts in Font Book on Mac - Apple Support

[let me know if you’re not on a mac]

Hi, it solved the problem. I need to validate the fonts… thank you!

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