0px objects

The ability to set the size of objects to 0px is no longer available. This worked great with auto layouts, for example, when there was a need to set absolute position. All libraries where this life hack was used are broken now :frowning: Please bring this back.


Same here, almost all components are now “broken”. Would love a hot fix for this.

Same problem here… @figma is this change a bug or actually a new feature related to the upcoming news that are going to be shared in config’22?

Oh snap! I got these issues too ;(

It’s not funny, we used this in our primary button and now literally every single layout is broken.

Yes, that’s really a problem :frowning:

Hey All,

Rest-assured that this is a bug that our team is proactively working on. We hope to have a fix and update for you as soon as possible!


H again, Figma team just messaged me saying that a fix to this bug has already been released. I can confirm that I’m not experiencing it on my side anymore :slightly_smiling_face:


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