Zero size frames now take space?

Used to be quite handy to use zero size frames for various purposes, but what I spotted today is that zero size frames in auto layout take 1 pixel. It breaks my designs here and there. Anyone else experience this? Any tips how to overcome this issue?


Hi :wave:

There are already a few other topics open with the same β€œbug”

I hope it is a bug :grin:


I would not mind to make some noise about it, some of my designs are broken now with no workaround


It is also in all the prototypes that have been sent out for testing. So our customers are presented with broken interfaces.

Also Figma team themselves displayed the use of the 0px trick on one of their videos.
I think i remember that also warned that this technique was a little tricky.

But just for taking part on recognizing it, then i wish they got an alternative for use who use this technique for multiple things instead of β€œfixing” it and movin on.

The fix would have been to enable β€˜0’ as a regular input.