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Zoom in on part of image on hover


I am new to figma and ui/ux and am trying to make a website with guides/menus for my Companys various products that new hires can use before they know the products inside and out. It is more of a personal project since I wanted to get into figma but didn’t have a project.

Now, for our new hires to be able to help customers navigate the menus over the phone, we have created “menu trees” and i would like to make it so when the user hovers over the image with the tree, it will zoom in on the part being hovered on. This feature is commonplace on many webshops etc. so, I would believe it to be possible to do this however I didn’t find any guides for it when searching.

I attached a short video from Zalando that shows what kind of effect i am looking for.

Is this possible? If you could help me out or point me in the right direction I would appreciate it very much, thanks :slight_smile:

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