"You have unsaved changes" dialogue showing in one of my projects

Currently having the same problem still for desktop app

same issue here

Same issue here.

“this document contains unsaved changes. These changes are saved locally and will sync when Figma reconnects.”

= Makes collaborations with colleagues on the same file impossible.

Hey guys. 11 Sep 22
Has same issue but found the image that broke file.
I opened file from another user and check for page with no updated frames. Everything was okay but 10 pages was not updated. I copy all these pages to another file and deleted from team file. After that Figma said “Changes Saved” in one second.
Then I copy frames one by one back and issue didn’t appear.
Idk why it happens but you guys also can try this way. Im sure is a Figma bug.

Still no solutions? I got the same issue here

have the same issue :frowning: