Would like to have the option to have Vote Settings options

Hi Guys! so I do some game activities for our Company and I’m using the Figjam Vote feature to keep track of which team has gained the most points by stamping their tables.

  1. Since I can’t see the live updates I can’t know who is in the lead and I have to end the vote but I can’t until they are done the game. So most of the time the screen is just blank.
  2. I also don’t have the option to resume voting so if I ended the Voting session and say I we add a couple of new ideas then we can’t resume and have the poll continue counting and we now need to create a separate vote session.
  3. It will be nice if the Vote settings are flexible if I want to turn ON or OFF the visibility on a session.

We also do use it for work when we brainstorm ideas we want to monitor which idea has the most votes to move it up to a different section. Anyhow having Vote Settings is very useful for us when planning our activities.

Hey @xMOx! Appreciate the improvement suggestions :smile: Have you taken a look at the community widgets we have for Figjam?

There might be a widget that can fill this gap for you – would something like this maybe work?

If not, try searching “vote” or “poll” terms to see if you land a result that would work.

[EDIT: I wasn’t sure which vote widget you were referring to, so my bad if you were referring to the one Rogie made that I linked above]

Hi @ksn so I’m not referring to a Community Widget I’m referring to FigJam Vote feature. See image below

Got it! I would then recommend taking a look at the widgets offered in our community to see if someone has created one that may work better for how your team collaborates/votes in Figjam.

That’s not to say we can’t work on improving the in-house widgets we have. We’ll keep track of your feedback, and this topic will stay open for anyone else to upvote :smile: