"Invisible votes" stamp/voting functionality to avoid groupthink

Using stamps to vote in FigJam has been very successful in brainstorms – it’s a really clear visual way to get lots of feedback quickly. However, there’s lot of research showing how strong group-think can be in brainstorming contexts, and seeing other people voting live impacts one’s own thoughts on what to vote for. I’ve seen this in brainstorms where there are two nearly identical ideas and one gets 4+ votes and the other gets 0.

I’d love to see functionality where you can specify a voting duration (eg. 5 min) and during that time, other contributors new stamps (or a new ‘vote’ icon/functionality) are not shown. At the end of the allotted time - they become visible to everyone. Down-selection is such a critical part of the brainstorming process, and I’d like to avoid bias as much as possible in the remote collaboration process!


Yes, group think is real! Fortunately, Figma could help solve this problem by building this invisible/blind voting feature. This could improve innovation at a number of companies!


Existing “Voting session” feature not what you want?

Thank you tank666! Yes, didn’t know about Voting Sessions – that’s exactly what I hoped for :smiley:

Amazing! I didn’t know about this feature!!

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