Workflow: Figma --> Android Studio / Figma --> Xcode

Here is the scenario…
UI Designers have completed and now the Android and iOS teams are ready to implement.

We have 2000+ images for a LIGHT design and 2000+ images for DARK. I can not seem to find a way to do what should be an easy “Export All PNGs” kind of feature.

What are the details of your current workflow to get all PNG/SVG images from Figma to Android Studio or Xcode? (or to handoff images to developers)

First off, I’m curious what app you’re working on because that is a LOT of images to put in an app. Are you talking about exporting screen designs for handoff as visual reference, or actual assets that go into the app bundle?

Anyway, there is sort of an “Export All” capability, at least on the page level: Just select multiple frames and you’ll see the export button change to indicate that multiple screens will be exported. Then, just select the folder to save the selected images into and then you’re off to the races.

I am referring to the actual assets. PNG images.
With Zeplin, it was very easy to create a python script to pull our images down and automatically sort them into folders: drawable-hdpi, drawable-night-hdpi, SVG. mipmap, etc.

So is the “normal” practice everyone uses is to use the Export All feature? This is going to be a big hassle, even if only 100 assets.

There has got to be a better way…

Ah, gotcha.

Unfortunately AFAIK there are no good bridges directly from Figma into Android Studio or Xcode, especially one that properly sets up folders as part of that flow. I’ve had to write my own custom Figma plugin + Automator script (I’m on Mac) to set up an automated process for this, but frankly it’s a bit of a PITA to automate at scale like you’re hoping.

Yeah - it doesn’t have to necessarily have to import directly into Android Studio, that would just be a bonus.
But just to be able to run a script to download assets to their respected folders for both light and dark would be nice. Then I could manually import from there.

Ah well…

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