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Export presets for mobile platforms

I face with cases in team work when devs do not want to use Figma export, for it takes too much time to get UI elements in all sizes needed in compare with Zepplin, for example. I mean Android (mdpi–…–xxxhdpi) and iOS (1x – 3x). They need to do 3 clicks instead of 1 for iOS and 5 instead of 1 for Android.
Using Zepplin integration is a case, but leads to extra version control (which is trouble-making with a lack of grip or other tools in Z).

So the message.
It will be easier to export components/UI elements in all-sized presets (with mobile platforms’ requirements) in 1 click.


any solution for this ?

There are some plugins that can help with this.
Here are a few that might help:

Check this plugin

Export Presets

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Yes please, this! We’re just migrating from Sketch + Zeplin to Figma and this is a huge pain point for us, especially for Android developers. And I’m not talking only about exporting the images with suffixes, but to export them in Android Studio folder structure