Build in presets to export assets for iOS and Android

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I am a daily user of Figma and have a feature request that I believe would greatly enhance its utility. I would like to request the addition of a feature that allows developers to easily export presets for assets and rename them for Android and iOS platforms. The same functionality which Sketch does have and is greatly being missed within Figma :blush:.

Use case: Our (app) developers have the needs to frequently export various assets, including icons, images, and graphics, for both Android and iOS. Having a dedicated export presets feature that optimizes assets for these platforms would streamline their workflow and improve the overall efficiency of our projects. Currently it’s very time consuming for them to export the assets.

I’ve noticed several other users on the Figma community forum expressing a similar need for this feature, which reinforces its importance :grin:.


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Hi Kelvin9, thank you for taking the time to give a detail feedback! I’ve gone ahead and merged it with an existing topic to help reduce duplicates. Feel free to continue the conversation or add additional context in this thread:

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